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The Mexican torta can be described as a sandwich or sub in a special Mexican bread with unique and rich ingredients that make the torta a delightful traditional dish from Mexico. The bread used is referred as bolillo or telera (french roll) and split in half, horizontally. To each of those halves avocado, beans, and a touch of mayo is spread, then the main ingredients are applied, such as: carnitas (pork meat), milanesa (breaded steak or chicken), carne asada (grilled steak), chorizo (spanish sausage), jamón y piña (ham and pineapple), among many other combinations. Finally, tomatoes, onions/purple onions, salsa, lettuce, and chiles are applied based on your preference.

The origin of the torta is described by the "Tortologist" Roberto Ayala on his book: "El Gran Libro de las Tortas y Sandwiches" (The Great Book of Tortas & Sandwiches), who explains the transformation of the "sandwiches" until the torta is created. In the XVI century, Leonardo Da Vinci finds himself in the need to surprise his patron Duke Ludovico Sforza with a delicious meal that was hidden between two steaks, and later on the meals that included meat would be hidden between pieces of bread instead. The purpose of this was to avoid exhibiting the meal in order to surprise the person about to eat. This story places Leonardo Da Vinci as the innovator who came up with the concept of the basic torta that later on in various places in the world took different shapes, flavors, and guidelines.

Although the torta in Mexico was first introduced in Puebla, the tortas in Mexico City are characterized by its amount of ingredients in complex tortas that exceed most other states within the Mexican Republic. All the different styles of tortas that exist in Mexico set the country apart from any other places in the world, with a unique style, and flavor of each one of the ingredients that integrate the torta.

In the region of Guadalajara, Jalisco, the traditional tortas are the ahogadas (served in a spicy sauce with a hard french roll bread). The tortas in Chiapas, Comitán use different kinds of flour for the bolillo (french roll); while in other states there is a great variety of sandwiches influenced by the torta, such as the semitas, pambazos (Bajío Region & Puebla), guajolotes (filled with enchiladas - Puebla). All these flavors from different regions make the torta an exquisite meal and a passion that we want to share.



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